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Criteria for PhD thesis for the Political and Social Thought PhD Program

The thesis is the culmination of the Political and Social Thought PhD Program.

Students should present their proposals for their thesis study prior to the pre-defense presentation, and in communication with their supervisors. The proposal should include a subject, context, research questions and/or hypothesis, methodology, a working-content, and preliminary review of literature.

Prior to the submission of the thesis, the student should give a pre-defense presentation on the topic of their thesis to the department; be in regular contact with their supervisor, with written work being submitted at regular intervals leading up to submission; and have presented a full draft of the thesis to their supervisor at least two weeks before the submission date.

At a minimum, the thesis should contain an easily identifiable research question, thesis and structure; arguments in support of the thesis; a discussion of the relevant (primary and secondary) literature that pertains to the topic of the thesis; evidence of some independent thought and evaluation; and clear and consistent referencing, including a full bibliography.